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Sonntag, 18. September 2022, 00:11

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Portrait photography has especially taken a remarkable special place in our MO. In Junior High  everyone could find myself with a 35mm Cannon camera in my hand snapping shots of my best buddies and flowers, and the mesmerizing places composing the tiny port place in the Maryland port where my family grew up. The pastime morphed into a fine expertise that I enveloped, digesting newspaper pictures, paintings and outdoor photography in the latter part of my life.  Afterwards, I started paving a busy advertising business in which contrasting momentum and enriching energies began to take shape and show throughout my wedding photo jobs. For the foreseeable future I am forever a always in demand and award winning Seattle Located Wedding popular photographer and travel about the complete Seattle and all of Washington. I am also a part-time Seattle Washington Commercial Photographer. Also have a look at my beloved website to find out extra about my love: <a href=><font color=#000_url>Seattle Family Photographer</font></a>

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